Samson-Kenny I.M. Solutions specializes in information management products and services with a strong focus on the seafood processing industry. We provide a wide range of database services and database driven products primarily used to capture information. Once the information has been captured and stored it can be archived, queried, analyzed and reported.

We strive to understand our customers, creating strong, long lasting relationships in order to make their organizations more productive and efficient. Samson-Kenny I.M. Solutions can work with you to build solutions for today’s problems and account for tomorrow’s changes.


  • We’ve been doing “something with computers”…

    Since moving back to Petit de Grat in 2010 and running Samson-Kenny full time we’ve been the company described by locals as “Well dere… I think they do something with computers… “.   That’s correct, but keep on reading to find out what we do specifically. What do we do and what have we been…

  • Fruit of the Sea

    Exciting times in our little corner of Cape Breton. The new shrimp processing plant, Premium Choice Shrimp, has started production. We’ve been busy on a number of contracts for this client including the integration of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), IT consulting and training, PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) programming and troubleshooting, and our main…

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