Petit de Grat Packers Ltd. Production Management System in full operation!

Petit de Grat Packers Ltd. Production Management System in full operation!

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packersPetit de Grat Packers one of five companies owned by the Premium Seafoods Group. This snow crab facility operates during the snow crab season employing approximately 90 employees and is located in Petit de Grat, Nova Scotia.

We are proud to have developed a custom “Production Management System” for the company which will allow them to view real time operational data, improve overall efficiency, access valuable analytics, monitor operations remotely and much more.

Due to the unique requirements of a crab processing plant, a custom solution was required to meet the company’s objectives. After a successful pilot project in the shipping department during the 2011 season, the project has now been expanded to include the raw side (packing line) and the ready-to-eat side (inventory). Combined they create a robust production management system which has become a crucial tool for both the operations and management of the processing plant.

The backbone of the system is our custom web application, hosted on site, developed in PHP and using a MySQL database. JasperReports, running on a tomcat server, is responsible for reporting and analytics. Barcode scanners connected to networked linux client’s running a custom java application gather information and send the data to the central server database.


Packing Line

IMG_0515A Miniscan MS2207 fixed mount barcode scanner (with beep) has been mounted at the end of the packing line. All pans of raw crab are scanned by the employee operating the scale, using barcode tags containing the size of the crab as well as the station and side where the pan was packed. A wireless speaker is used to clearly notify the employee of a successful scan.

Use of the system includes, but is not limited to, monitoring production of the packing line in real time, calculating employee bonuses and planning future shipments.



IMG_0517A Datalogic TC1200 Compact CCD reader has been installed at the entrance to the freezer in which all inventory passes through after being boxed and taped. Barcode labels are printed using a WASP WPL608 and are placed on the boxes before they are packed. The barcode contains a unique box ID, brand and size information.

This portion of the system allows the company to view real time inventory information, plan orders and perform inventory audits.



IMG_0513The shipping department uses a Wasp WWS800 wireless barcode scanner to scan pallets of finished product into storage containers as well as to ship out pallets of product to customers. Barcode labels, containing a unique pallet number, brand and size of crab, are added to pallets once they reach the required number of boxes.

The system provides the shipping department, as well as management and sales, with the ability to instantly view the inventory in each container, in the freezer and on site as well as track outgoing shipments.

We continue to add functionality, reports and analytics to the system to further meet the company’s needs.

If you require a custom solution to solve your business problem or meet your needs, please contact us for a consultation.


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