We’ve been doing “something with computers”…

We’ve been doing “something with computers”…

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Since moving back to Petit de Grat in 2010 and running Samson-Kenny full time we’ve been the company described by locals as “Well dere… I think they do something with computers… “.   That’s correct, but keep on reading to find out what we do specifically.

What do we do and what have we been up to?

Though our web presence and local advertising has been quiet, we haven’t. We’ve been busy over the past year and a half, primarily continuing development of two major web based management systems for fish processing plants in our area. To describe it simply, we collect data from various points throughout the process and report that information back to employees and management in real time. We do this through the use of database technology.

Why is this important?

Traditionally, data is captured using hand written paper forms. More recently excel spreadsheets have gained popularity for their ease of use and ability to quickly setup calculations and graphs. There are still many cases where paper forms are appropriate for capturing information and spreadsheets are a fantastic tool for analyzing data, however, when it comes to sharing data, today’s database technologies can greatly improve an organizations effectiveness.

At the end of the day, paper forms get filed away in a cabinet somewhere. Spreadsheets can be shared, however if someone needs to make any changes, that file will need to be sent back to anyone else who has a copy in order to assure everyone’s data is correct. This is where databases become useful. With a database everyone works from the same data. Whether it’s new data being added or modifications to what is already there, everyone will see those changes as soon as they happen.

How are we specifically saving these fish processing plants time and money?

By using one source of data (the database) that is updated instantly, employees and managers can get snapshot of the process at any point in time. Benefits of using a database driven system include but are not limited to :

  • Viewing production rates and estimating yields.
  • Setting up email/sms alerts if production targets are off track.
  • Identifying problems during the production day and making corrections without having to collect paperwork and spreadsheets.
  • Instant analysis of data.
  • Instant archiving of data
  • Ability to look back at any production day or analyze a range of dates.
  • Ability to track product from start to finish.
  • Generation of instant audit reports.
  • Improved communication for all production staff and managers.

We’re happy to be able to help our clients improve their efficiency and we wish them continued success creating quality employment right here in rural Cape Breton.

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